Terms and Conditions

TUSCANY AND CYCLING: Terms and Conditions

Packages and Single Services
Tuscany on the Road is a registered trade mark, property of Luca Molinario, licensed Travel Agency and Tour Operator in Chianciano Terme, via Foscolo n. 6, 53042 ChiancianoTerme (Siena) – Italy.

Tuscany on the Road organizes and carries out the excursions presented in this programme on the basis of the administrative authorisation of the Siena Provincial Authority.

The programme conforms to the text established according to the D.L. 111/95, approved by EEC regulation no. 90/ 314.
Confirming any service by email, fax or through the concierge and travel agency, implies that the terms and conditions explained as follows have been read and agreed.

Notwithstanding any contrary clause, the contract is governed by the provisions of law no. 1084 dated 27.12.77, ratification and enactment of the International Convention relating to the Travel Contract (C.C.V.).

Bookings are subject to place availability. Upon receipt of the required information of the tour/package and availability required, Tuscany on the Road will send the reservation form, containing acknowledgement and advice of available accommodation, for which Tuscany on the Road will have taken steps to secure the booking.


It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a valid passport and meet all necessary entry requirements of the country you will be visiting. Tuscany on the Road is not responsible for delays, changes or costs of any kind due to incomplete, expired or inaccurate Traveller documentation.


A partial payment of 30% of the entire participation fee must be deposited at the time of booking. The balance must be paid within 30 days prior to departure. Bookings made in less than 30 days before the beginning of the experience, must be paid in full. The payments can be made by either of the following method:
– Paypal (using email: luca@tuscanyontheroad.com)
– Bank transfer: ACCOUNT NUMBER 15 ACCOUNT NAME: Molinario Luca, BANK NAME: Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, Agenzia di Chianciano Terme – IBAN: IT37F0616071830000000015C00, BIC CODE: CRFIIT3F   In the case of bank transfer payment, it is necessary to send a copy of the transaction, confirming the bank transfer, through email or fax (no. +39 0578 61369)  before the booking.



The price of the tour/package is shown on the website and is highlighted in the contact form to confirm acceptance of the reservation. The programme and the tariffs indicated are to be considered valid for the period specified. Extra expenses, such as compulsory fee to pay in loco, are always specified in the notes and details of the offer.

There will be no penalty for cancellations of excursion bookings, provided it is communicated in writing to the organization at least 30 days prior to the booked excursion date. For cancellations between 29 and 15 days prior to the excursion, 50% of the account must be paid; 14 days prior to the excursion date, the payment of the entire amount will be due and no reimbursement will be granted.


Where, due to operational difficulties or reasons beyond its control (travel conditions, strikes, changes in opening hours, closure of museums, delays or other problems), the organization will be obliged to change the programme, then an alternative itinerary and/or visits will be proposed, without any variation to the established tariff, and the client will be informed prior to departure.


Booking and confirmation

Booking can only be effected following the consumer acceptance of the general conditions of this contract. The contract is to be considered when Tuscany on the Road Tour Operator has confirmed the booking, with the relevant information, via e-mail or fax. Specifications about the package or about a single tourist service are included in the notes and details of the offer (displayed before the contract subscription), or in other communication tools, as provided by the law in force. In the case that the tourist product created by Tuscany on the Road and published in a brochure requires a minimum number of participants, reserves the right not to carry out the trip if the requested minimum number of participants has not been achieved.

In very rare cases it may be necessary for Tuscany on the Road to cancel a tour, a full refund will be sent to the client and this constitutes full settlement. Tuscany on the Road is not responsible for other expenses incurred such as pre-paid hotel reservations or non-refundable airline tickets.

Registrants will receive a thirty day notice and full refund or option to move to another scheduled week.


Transfer of bookings
The customer has the right to be replaced by a different person by giving written notice to Tuscany on the Road Tour Operator. The renouncing client can be replaced by another person always if:

– the organizer has been informed in writing at least 10 working days before the fixed departure date, receiving at the same time a notice containing the name and address of the replacement client;

– the substitution meets all the conditions for the fruition of the service, requirements relating to the passport, visas health certificates, hotel accommodation and transport services

– the replacing client must pay a substitution fee of €50 which is to cover all the expenses concerning the substitution. The renouncing client is still responsible for the payment of the settlement of the account.

In the event that it is not possible to substitute a client, for example, our supplier cannot accept the change for operational reasons, Tuscany on the Road will seek a possible solution, and, if it is not possible to find an alternative solution, Tuscany on the Road will deduct the cost of the service not available, from the total paid by the client.


Participant’s obligations
Clients have to be equipped with personal passports or other documents valid for the destination country, with the health certificate if required. Furthermore, the tourist will have to follow ordinary cautiousness and diligence rules, and specific rules effective in the destination countries, all the information supplied by the organizer, as well as the regulations and administrative and/or legislative provisions regarding the tourist package. The participants will be responsible for any damage suffered to the organizer because of their incapacity to follow the above-mentioned obligations.  At the time of the booking, the client will also communicate, in writing, to the organizer the details needed which might possibly be part of specific agreements such as, journey instructions, provided their request is possible.

Clients are responsible for selecting a tour/package suitable for their athletic ability, informing us of any medical or dietary restrictions, signing our release form prior to the start of their tour, and obeying all rules and laws. Tuscany on the Road reserves the right to decline or withhold service to any person who, for physical or other reasons, is deemed unfit for the trip. Tuscany on the Road is not responsible for cancellations or amendments due to acts of nature, civil unrest or inclement weather. Every care will be taken to respect your belongings at all times. However, Tuscany on the Road is not responsible for damage, loss or theft of your personal belongings.


Tuscany on the Road strongly recommends cancellation and accident insurance to prevent any losses in case of illness, accident or otherwise. It is your responsibility as the client to apply directly to the insurance company in your own country and to make sure you have the correct and adequate cover.

The organization cannot accept responsibility for damage caused by third parties or for reasons beyond their control, and cannot be held responsible for the loss of valuables, luggage or objects during excursions.



Your privacy is important to us. Tuscany on the Road is required to collect some personal information in order to plan your trip.

We appreciate the sensitive nature of this information and will not share it with third parties (other than for certain reservations as a part of your trip) without your express written permission.

By sending us your initial deposit, you are consenting to Tuscany on the Road collecting and using your personal information as required to plan your trip and provide you with proper services.

Any complaint by the client must be communicated in writing to the organization staff within and no later than 10 business days after the date of the tour.


Any disputes will be settled by The Court of Siena.