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Montalcino is immersed in natural treasure made up of charming landscapes, similar to 14th Century paintings with hints of the Medieval period that blend with the rural culture, the flow unchanged for centuries.

Montalcino’s vast vineyards have given the village a prestigious position in Italy’s wine production, with its characteristic Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino, considered excellent worldwide. Montalcino is not only famous for the fragrances and colours of the vineyards, but also for the richness of it’s past, the soul breathed between Medieval fortresses and castles is priceless, as if time has been wound backwards.

Examples of prestigious sacred architecture are the Abbey, l’Abbazia Romanica di Sant’Antimo, and the Church, Chiesa di Santa Restituita.  Other Medieval constructions are the Castello di Arigiano, the Castello Poggio alle Mura, and the impressive fortress known as Fortezza Romitorio, surrounded by the lanes which meander through the historical centre.

History, culture and art can be found inside the museums at Montalcino: the museum complex Musei Riuniti unites the Museo Civico, the civil museum, and the Diocesano Museum, hosting frescoes from the Siena School, dating back to the 12th and 14th Century.